A Great Start in 2014


          We are so grateful that our family, near and far, are all doing well!


1. English clubs
Schools in Taiwan have been a great place to meet students and teachers and share Biblical truths. In a country with 3-5% Christians, we find much more freedom to talk about faith in Taiwan classrooms than we ever had in the US. These schools range from elementary to colleges, from public schools to military schools. We often have our mission teams help with ministries in schools. We currently have ministries in several schools.

Gangshan military school       20131204_172611(0)                                                      Gangshan Military School

bun hwa jubilee club Carolyn recently started this Youth Club in a local Baptist church. The Pastor envisions and hopes un-churched youth will attend.

 2.  GoEvent!
Last Sunday at New Life Bilingual Church, we held our first GoEvent! We had a group of about 50 people leave the afternoon worship service and go to two locations in Kaohsiung, seeking to impact people for Christ. A number who went were very uneasy about the event, fearing they would have to aggressively approach people. Instead, we utilized things like making balloon animals, face painting, music, and passing out materials to engage people. It was great to see people use their various skills and abilities to touch people for Christ. What was originally intended to be a 5th Sunday event will most likely occur more often. Pray for those who we talked with and who receive literature to read.

3. Training at Trinity Baptist Church
One of our ministry goals is to help equip the local churches in evangelism and discipleship. In the last couple of months, we have been training youth and young adults at Trinity Baptist Church in Tainan to share the gospel. We encouraged them to share with their friends and family. We are hearing that many are doing this!  Spark is the pastor of the church and Spring is his wife. (pictured talking to Mike)They have served all around the world, but have returned to Taiwan with a heart to reach their home city.Trinity Church Tainan     IMG_1838

4. Mission Teams
We have seen the number of mission teams coming to work with us decrease in the past few years, but we are happy to have the following teams coming in 2014:
• California Baptist University is sending seven people from May 21-June 10 to work with us here, as well as with another IMB couple, Pete and Susan Strupp.
• Two churches from Arizona will send teams in the fall. Several of them have worked in Taiwan before, but this will be their first time working with us. These teams will be from 4-8 members in size.
• We would love to add your church’s name to this list. Please contact us if you have a desire to connect with the ministry here by sending a team.


1. Dave and Sarah’s care of Champ-for more of their story look on Sarah’s blog or their Facebook page
2. Pray for Christians who have not followed Christ in baptism.
3. Pray for wise planning and preparation of summer camps, on-going clubs and several  mission teams.
4. Pray for New Life Church as they look for a full-time Pastor.

Small gifts; big impact!
Helping to reach a $175 million goal can be daunting if you’re struggling to make ends meet. But God smiles upon every gift given from a joyful heart, no matter the amount. Every penny given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is used to help support nearly 5,000 of us missionaries and our ministries as we share the Gospel overseas. The offering makes up 54 percent of the IMB’s income. Last year, missionaries around the world reported baptizing 266,451 new believers and starting 24,073 new churches. Thus, your gifts had an eternal impact on the lives of these new believers by helping to bring them to Christ.

Lottie Moon at Work


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